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Programming bespoke - CANVAS.IT

Canvas Logistics is not only about logistics solutions. The second specialization of the Company is the creation of IT solutions for both transport companies and from other industries. We perfectly understand how difficult it is to find ready-made solutions on the market that fully meet individual needs and expectations. Therefore, we consider application development to be analogous to a "bespoke" tailor service. In order to prepare a dedicated solution, we carry out the so-called zero audit that allows you to assess the actual needs and create the structure of the program, taking into account all the necessary functionalities. A holistic approach to the problem makes it possible to predict problems that seemingly do not exist, but may become noticeable in the near future.

We create mobile applications, embedded systems, web applications, SAAS systems, Big Data and Machine Learning solutions.

Tell us your needs and we will propose adequate IT solutions!

Programming outsourcing

If you need regular support from specialists, but you do not have your own programming staff or your current needs are significant, but still temporary, we offer IT outsourcing services. You have an external team of specialists at your disposal, the composition of which is tailored to your needs. Thanks to this, you avoid permanent employment while having the right staff to implement a specific project. In case of such needs,


Canvas Logistics has proven, qualified in very narrow fields subcontractors, involved in programming projects requiring directional experience and knowledge of the industry served.


Komputer biurowy Work

Maintenance and development of systems of other suppliers

The vast majority of IT systems require periodic modifications in their operation and expansion of functionality  

Canvas Logistics also provides support in the operation and development of programs created by other software vendors. The complete certainty of the highest qualifications of the Team allows for a comprehensive assessment of the software condition, the creation of a framework plan of actions to correct and expand the current application skeleton, as well as the effective implementation of assumptions.   

If you want to talk about the development of solutions implemented in your organization - contact us!

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